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Why estate agents should actively discriminate

Why estate agents should actively discriminate

Let’s be honest, you’re never going to appeal to everyone. You’re never going to have 100% of the property in your area, never going to convert 100% of market appraisals into instructions, never going to have a 100% viewings to sales rate. Never. So it’s best to get over it. But what you CAN do, is make a bee line for a particular audience and gun for their business like nobody else.

Look at the Dark & Lovely hair products for black people and their hair. Nobody white is going to be buying that stuff, just as Jennifer Aniston on the L’Oreal commercials is simply not advertising products for afro hair. It ain’t racist, it’s target marketing.

Same for estate agents. Now, I’m not saying for one minute that you should exclude people on the basis of their skin colour, but you can choose your demographic, which may have more white or black people in it, more hairdressers, more Eskimos, more suburban housewives, or more city hotshots. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is which group will make your business most successful and what will make you irresistible to that group as their first choice of agent.

Take a look at your company, your team, your neighbourhood and your neighbours. Who is it you want to appeal to? Who will your team appeal to? Are they the same group of people? Does your team need to change? Or just your targeting? These are just a few really easy and direct questions that will make a massive difference to to achieving what you want to achieve. Knowing who you want as a customer and showing them just how much you want them – and why they should want you – will win you the instructions you want, with less effort and greater success.

Estate agents are often scared to specialise, feeling they’ll isolate themselves and lose out on other parts of the market. Well, surprise surprise, that’s precisely what you want. If you’re after big mansions, you don’t really want calls from people with council flats. And if you want to sell council flats – also very lucrative – the owners of those won’t call you if your window and website are full of swanky penthouses.

Business is much easier when you’re the obvious choice for something. So be that choice.

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