“I try to leave out the parts that people skip.”  – Elmore Leonard

If you’re going to use me for anything, it should be to make a difference to your business.

Writing about property isn’t always easy. It’s time-consuming, it can get repetitive and, when the phone rings or a client wanders in, it goes straight to the bottom of the pile. So where will you find the time for marketing campaigns, writing that wretched blog or even thinking about the future? You probably won’t.

I was an estate agent for 25 years and I know what gets attention when it comes to property. I’m sure you do too. The difference is I can write. I’ve worked in new homes, city lofts, the inner-cities and suburbia. And while the clientele might differ, the needs of everyone involved are ultimately the same: to move home, or to make sales. That’s where your time should go.

So when words don’t come easy, leave it to me to say the right thing.