If you’re going to use me for anything, it should be to make a difference to your business.

Being an estate agent isn’t always easy, but I firmly believe that it shouldn’t be a grind. I spent 25 years as an agent and had an absolute blast, working in lots of different markets from the outskirts of London to its leafy suburbs, then the inner city and city fringe, culminating in having my own agency handling design-led new developments. 

While the clientele might have differed, the job was essentially the same: convincing the right homeowners and housebuilders that I was the right estate agent to sell their property. Because without instructions, you don’t have a business.

I’m not an aloof marketing executive playing golf in the office and offering expensive, high-concept visions. I’m an experienced and successful former estate agent that turned failing offices and cold-starts into top performing branches, often with inexperienced teams and, in one case, the most appallingly dilapidated shop. Quite shocking to remember.

The point is it can be done with any agency, and anywhere. You don’t need a nationwide network, you don’t need to be the longest established and you don’t even need to be number one to become the favourite estate agent in your neighbourhood. In fact you can do it remarkably quickly by making it easy for landlords and sellers to love you.

If you like the sound of that, perhaps we need to talk. And remember: everything’s easier when you’re the favourite.