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Why is Facebook such a drag for estate agents?

Why is Facebook such a drag for estate agents?

Social Media, for estate agents at least, seems to be a bit of a burden. After the initial excitement and invitation of your loyal friends to get the page going, the obligation of updating casts a dark shadow over everything, leaving a feeling of guilt and shame hanging above whoever is responsible (and a nice warm helping of regret for everyone else for having started the thing in the first place). You could just turn it off – but it’ll never really go away – and when you’re out trying to win that next instruction and you get asked about social media, you’re left making lame excuses about currently undergoing a makeover or temporarily offline or some other papering over the cracks.

Outsource it?

At first glance, the obvious solution to keeping your Facebook page going is to outsource it all, so you can just get on with selling or letting your clients’ property. Everything is handled for you and you can sit back and watch your likes increasing day after day with no effort from yourself. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Thing is, it doesn’t work.

You can spot an outsourced page a mile off. It might well be full of property-related posts and links, but there’s just no way on earth that an outside contractor can get across the spontaneous moments that are unique to your day and your company without any input from you. And these, you see, are the real juice. These are what will get you more  followers, fans and business. Sellers and landlords can get property listings and property news all over the web, so a page of reposted content is simply not going to win you an audience.

Take it all in house then?

The other choice is take it all in-house, give it to a member of your team to look after, and hope and pray they’ll stay not only interested, but have enough spare time among all the other jobs they have to keep the thing going. And truthfully, what would you REALLY prefer that person to spend their time on? Winning instructions; making the office run smoothly; generating sales; or Facebook?

Facebook should NOT be the sole responsibility of just one person in your office. It needs to be a joint responsibility, but also fun, for everyone. Variety and individuality are the keys to a great page, and seeing as you’re all doing different things in the day, you’ve already got all the variety you need:

Out measuring up with a colleague? Post it!

On a photo shoot? Post it!

Full diary? Post it!

Everyone working early or late with coffees all round? Post it!

You don’t need to go mad, just open your mind to what you CAN post on your page, rather finding excuses not to. There’s very likely a lot more you can post than you think.

The thing to avoid is giving it a constantly back-slapping and big I AM. So you could replace your property listings with completion day key collections; and swap out your boasts of being number one with useful advice for sellers and landlords, perhaps taking excerpts from your blog. What else does that leave that  shows how your business runs; or is useful and informative to local homeowners; or is simply amusing or odd? If you concentrate on that, your page will always engage.

A compromise solution

You could find a compromise. You could have the actual posts and text creation done for you, but send in the pictures you take of your day. Create a Whatsapp group of your team and social media manager, then simply send your pics to the group and say what you’re up to. This is the easiest and most workable solution if you and your team value social media but are one of:

simply too busy;

don’t really understand it;

aren’t confident in your abilities;

just don’t want to do it all yourselves.

Whichever route you pick, remember that it’s personality and conversation you want on that page. It’s called social media for a reason 🙂

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