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Lost for words to write on your blog?

Lost for words to write on your blog?

If you’re managing a blog on your estate agency’s website, or you’ve got a company facebook page, or you’re simply wondering what on earth to write on the next flyer you mail to properties in your area, you may find it hard to find something new to say each time. Something that will grab your audience like never before have them rushing to your door, liking your page in droves and giving you their entire property portfolio to manage.

Before even getting into what you should be writing about, I think it’s best to look first at what’s manageable for you. If you simply don’t have time to write a blog every week, then don’t set yourself the task of doing that. Could you write one a month? 12 written in a year is way better than 52 not written. The same with facebook – yes 5 posts a week would be fantastic, but if it occurs as too much, do something that isn’t. 1 a week, I think, is doable for anyone, doesn’t feel a daunting prospect and would most likely call you into action, rather than run away scared.

Next, share the burden. You might well be the owner or the manager, but are you the only one who is able to write a sentence, spell, or post a picture on facebook? Probably not – and there is no evidence anywhere that most managers are good writers or good at facebook. Don’t get down on yourself simply because it’s not your thing. I’ll wager you’ll find good, capable people in your current team who would love to do one or both for you. Don’t do it alone; it’s called social media for a reason.

So now you’ve got help and you’ve set manageable goals, what on earth are you going to say? As a starter, being real always trumps being clever. It’s fine for being real to also be clever, but real is the priority. Real, regular, reliable content that is useful to your customers. Is the market good or bad? That’s useful. Is there something interesting happening locally? Also useful. A picture of a cute cat doing something in Thailand? Not necessarily useful. Fun, maybe, and fun is fine too, but within the boundaries of relevance.

Some quickfire ideas for facebook: What if you took a pic of your local high street one day on your smartphone and posted it straight away to facebook with a quick caption (big queue at John the butcher’s today)? What if you shared about a local gallery opening or food market? Is there a new building going up in the neighbourhood where there’s a news story or where progress is photo worthy? Are you enjoying a particularly delightful cappuccino at your local coffee place while writing up some details? Is the owner of the coffee place interesting? Could you ask people what their favourite neighbourhood cafe, butcher, or barber is? What’s in your area that attracts people to either live there, hang out or visit?

And what about your blog or flyers? Well, trends, results and advice are always welcome and regular supplies of these will win you friends and business. Have you noticed particular goings on, moods or otherwise with buyers or tenants? Is the current press helping or not? Is there any legislation you can comment on or help potential customers with? Not everything has to be a totally new subject or concept; it’s being there and showing you know something that count.

And if you really don’t have time for any of that, but really want it done, give me a call!

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