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Welcome to 2014. Scared?

Welcome to 2014. Scared?

I dunno about you but I had a very fine festive break and, to be frank, I don’t really want to start work today. So I might do something else. Something that will excite me about getting back into it again.

I find the best way of getting inspired about something is to look at the end goal or, even better, pretend I’ve already got it and look back at the ride in getting there. One of the things I’d particularly like to do this year is launch at least two more magazines for independent estate agents. I normally write about London – although I have a rather spectacular thing I write for an agency in Birmingham – but the London I generally write about is East or South East. So for me, something new would be to head into parts of the city I’m not so familiar with and see what’s there.

Standing at the end of 2014, looking back on the 4 issues of each of these publications, would be a rather wonderful sense of accomplishment for me. I’m not a massive fan of cold calling people, but there are a few estate agents out there I’d really love to work with; independents who have clearly got a grip on their marketplace, but where I can see something that would take their business that bit further. The prospect of someone saying no isn’t something I relish, but as I now get calls from people I don’t know who have found me on Google and say things like: “I really want to do something different and think you might be able to help”, I guess I must be doing something right, so perhaps I just need to get over it.

Is there any area of your business where you feel the same? Maybe a part of the market you want to break into but think you’re not good enough to compete with a bigger agent, or a sales target you’d like to reach but think it’s pie in the sky or that your team will mutiny, or more than 47 followers on Facebook without buying a dubious list from Central Africa.

I know what there is for me to do. Find 10 agents I’d love to work with, read up about them, find the person to contact, and give ’em a call. It’s hardly rocket science, and what’s the worst that could happen? “No thanks”, I think, is about as bad as it’ll get.

Here we go then.

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