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Turn your blog into a listings magnet

Turn your blog into a listings magnet

Every piece of content you write should be aimed at landlords and sellers, and it’s never been easier for estate agents to communicate with local homeowners long before they think about selling or letting their property. But it’s only the humble blog that can be re-used and repurposed across your social media channels to give you 20-50 pieces of content from a single article.

A blog of 500-1000 words giving useful advice to homeowners on any aspect of selling or renting property can be plundered for short’n’snappy Instagram quotes and dropped as a link in your profile, or to Facebook either in full, as a link box, or indeed as a clickable article on your main cover image. You can even chop it up into multiple soundbites for Twitter to make several sharp points, or to link to the page on your website. Hey, you can do both.

Not to mention that articles can be tweaked and reused year after year, all while building a base of assets to show off your expertise and build your social proof. A blog never goes away – it keeps on working for you every day, lifting your Google credentials as your contents grows. This in turn helps elevate your page ranking to get you that all important spot on Page One of the search results.

I can’t think of a single piece of content that gives you so much return.

If you’re currently running a blog and you’re writing articles about property listings, your team or your services, PLEASE STOP NOW. Those subjects are – or certainly should be! – already covered on your website and I’m telling you now that YOU’RE WASTING YOUR TIME hiding them in your blog. If you’ve missed anything off your services or team pages, that’s where the information should go. And if you’ve got the right property listings, buyers and tenants will find you anyway.

No matter how good an estate agent you are, if you don’t have property, you can’t do deals. It’s landlords and sellers you’re looking to attract and if you’re stuck for what to write, think about what they ask you when you’re at their property.

Everyone has the same concerns: what prices are doing, what’s selling and what’s sticking, is there anything they can do to make their property more attractive, how can they get the fastest deal at the best price in the current market?

You could write separate articles on how to get the most from each different type of room; you could write about the best streets and buildings in your area; you could glean some information from Rightmove about price trends and transaction numbers. You can even tell homeowners what to look for in an estate agent. In short, there is a ton that you can write.


For most estate agents, finding them time to think of ideas in the first place, then putting their thoughts into words, and then getting those words onto paper is a fantasy at best and an absolute nightmare for most. Every single one of my clients faces that very same issue and, quite frankly, their time is way better spent on valuations and viewings than on staring at a screen and waiting for inspiration to hit.

I’ve been writing blogs for estate agents for almost ten years now, helping them build their online reputation while they get on with business. And before all this I was an estate agent for 25 years, so I know exactly what potential sellers and landlords care about.

Until now, I’ve only written articles on demand when an agent has an idea, but I’m now starting a service where you don’t even need that.

How would you like to receive a new blog every two weeks without lifting a finger? You can use them as you please across your website and social media, cut them up as much as you like, post them in full and shout about them wherever you see fit. Every other Monday a newly-written article will land in your inbox and be exclusively for you in your catchment area.

And as it’s the end of the holidays, I’m making an end-of-summer SPECIAL OFFER. The usually the cost is £147 per month, but until September 1st I’m offering two months for the price of one for you to try it out. That’s four blog articles over two months for less than £37 each.

If you want to know more – or if you can’t wait to get going – you can drop me a message here, or call 020 8133 8733, or email hello@paultravers.info.

Until soon!


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