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The world (wide web) is not enough.

The world (wide web) is not enough.

You can tweet, post, pin and blog as much as you like – and with truly great rewards – but if you want to get to vendors and landlords first – and before – they even think about selling or letting their home, you can’t beat sticking something through their letterbox. Something arresting, rather than something to be arrested for, if you catch my drift.

No matter how great your website, how pretty your Facebook page or how chatty your Twitter feed, they only work when people have their device turned on and physically visit the page in question. People don’t print out your internet posts and pin them to their fridge, and they don’t lay them on their coffee table either. Yet those are exactly the places you want to get your estate agent, as a constant and regular reminder to them to call YOU, before they call anyone else, about selling or letting their property.

Do it how you like, but great-looking and well-written flyers that contain something vital, interesting and of service – and that don’t simply drone on about how marvellous, different and desperate for property you are – will not only sit on their noticeboard of choice for months on end, they’ll give vendors and landlords  a good old-fashioned brainwashing of your presence, usefulness and generosity in their home.

Take it further with a regular newspaper or magazine of whatever size – you don’t need to be House and Garden to get noticed – with local happenings, some of your choicest property, lifestyle features and some great, welcoming and enjoyable text will see you blasting your competitors out of the water and you win instructions before you even set foot over the threshold.

Fee offers, invitations to a free valuation, advertising your desperateness for property and claims of being different are not only among the most over-used and dated formulas, they’re actually rather negative for your business. Think about it: driving down your profit margins, saying the same thing as everyone else and declaring that not enough people choose you to handle their property are hardly plus points.

Concentrate on positive messages and, if you can’t think of any, give me a call.

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