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Property jargon rant: episode one

Property jargon rant: episode one

When talking about reaching the first port of call with a house-hunter, The Telegraph describes their destination as “a penthouse flat on Addison Road”. If you’ve already spotted the criminally inappropriate use of the word “flat” after “penthouse” then I salute you as a fellow guardian of copywriting excellence. Just how many penthouses are not actually flats? NONE! Penthouse castle? Penthouse cottage? Penthouse mansion?

It’s an example of how property copywriting and property journalism still live in a world of over-wordiness that nobody uses in real life. It goes constantly unchecked, if not unnoticed. Imagine how much tighter and punchier text would read if all the superfluous words were dumped. Nothing would ever again be “completely unique”, “situated within” or “currently arranged with”.

And a jolly good thing too.

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