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It’s not about you

It's not about you

When selling yourself online, whether through your blog, social media, or whatever medium you’re using to promote your estate agency, I really can’t stress hard enough that you make your posts of use to your clients. Telling everyone you’re great doesn’t fit that description.

This might go against the grain in the minds of sales people who, let’s face it, are targeted almost solely on their performance and thus see that as the most important message to send. But for potential clients, or anyone coming across your company online, being bragged to by an estate agent about how wonderful they are is fairly off-putting.

So how do you get across your success, your expertise and your enviable talents without shouting that you’re successful, expert and enviably talented?

Telling stories is a good start. A regular day in the life of an estate agent is full of ups and downs, problems to be solved and customers to be calmed. Although it may be just another day to you, this stuff is fascinating for your readers because everyone who is interested in property, whether buying, selling or renting, will likely go through at least one of the experiences you write about. So you’re bound to have some useful nuggets around what to do when certain issues arise, or indeed how to avoid them.

Take the stance of giving advice, rather than selling yourself. Volunteering useful information shows a generosity of spirit and an accumulation of knowledge. If that extends further to finding solutions that keep deals intact then you’re already looking like a well-informed, successful and enviably talented expert. Demonstrating your skills, rather than screaming “I’m fabulous”, is far more attractive to almost everyone on the planet.

If you want to take this beyond your blog and into social media, then look at making your posts and tweets about other businesses or events in your local area. Estate agents rarely do this. When it comes to content, they seem stuck in reposting property news from industry sites and national newspapers (which, don’t get me wrong, is good stuff) and peppering it with far too many property listings. Effectively, they’re using news stories as a smokescreen for selling. Well, guess what? Everyone knows.

You want to break out of this habit. Social media is about being social (I know! Who’d have thought?) so just have a think about what being social means to you. What do you talk to your friends about? Your latest instructions, or the great new coffee shop you’ve discovered? Do you witter on relentlessly over a pint about sales figures, or do you talk about local movies, plays, exhibitions, or, indeed, pubs?

Promoting local events and businesses puts you at the heart of your community and makes you a valuable resource not only for people already living in your area, but also for anyone considering moving there who wants to get a flavour of local life.

And they’ll all remember who made it easy for them.

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