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Is Twitter for estate agents a waste of time?

Is Twitter for estate agents a waste of time?

I don’t have that much to say on this, but from what I see being posted, hardly anyone has anything interesting to say every day. It’s mostly retweeting posts from large media organisations in order to get noticed. Well, anyone can do that and it certainly wouldn’t make me choose that agent over anyone else. In fact, I might want one that spend their time getting on with helping me move, instead of tweeting second-hand information or questionable advice. The other day an agent wrote a tweet recommending vendors with damp properties use air fresheners to cover the smell. Genius? Hardly. Potentially scandalous, yes!

I think it’s tough for estate agents to have something useful, new, interesting and/or unique to say on a daily basis. And you know what, no-one expects you to. They want you to sell or let their property quickly and efficiently for the best price you can. And, until you have something truly incredible and ground-breaking to add to the boring waffle that clogs up twitter, I’d stick to that.

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