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Is printed media read, or dead?

Is printed media read, or dead?

Will the internet kill all printed media? Is it worth advertising in local papers or glossy magazines? Or should you divert your entire marketing budget to the internet and spend spend spend on portals?


Well, from my experience in estate agency, the internet was where you spent your money to get buyers. How many calls do you get from a newspaper ad that turn into a sale? Compare that to the number of enquiries-turned-sales from places like Rightmove and Zoopla. So if you want to sell property, you need the internet.


So where does that leave property publications, newspapers, magazines and the like? Well, they are your chance to show vendors why they should use you. I always saw printed matter as a way to win more instructions: “See where we advertise? No-one else gives your home such coverage”. It’s a great chance to ‘wow’ vendors when you’re talking to them in their property. Everyone loves pretty pictures and the idea that their home might be worthy enough to grace your beautiful double page spread.


Assuming your advert is beautiful, of course. If it looks like all the others with loads of tiny pictures, too much tiny text and a layout from the 1990s, I wouldn’t expect a flood of new instructions any time soon. Use your advert to show off ONLY your best stuff – 4 to 8 properties per page max – with big photos, minimal text and a properly designed layout. That doesn’t mean getting your secretary to have a play in Word, and it certainly doesn’t mean asking the publication in question to do it. If there’s one place guaranteed to generate a grimly uninspiring property page layout, it’s the artwork department of a property publication. Don’t let them A.N.Y.W.H.E.R.E. near it.


The fact is, people do still like the touchy-feely, tactile nature of printed media. Newspapers might be down, but they are far from out. Whether you choose to make the most of them, is entirely up to you.

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