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Is paying for SEO a waste of cash?

Is paying for SEO a waste of cash?

Yes, I think so. But let me clarify.


What does your website do? If it’s pretty static and the only things that change are the property listings, then perhaps you could shell out for for some SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) copy. You’re probably doing it because someone said you should, and because you want to up your rankings on Google and get found by more vendors. Simple enough really, so how hard can it be?


Well, having a bit of SEO copy written, and then going back to changing nothing on your website except which properties are and aren’t available, is not going to be enough on its own. Google, you see, knows what you’re up to. And let’s be honest, if every estate agent used the same SEO text – even if it was the very best piece of property copywriting ever committed to the internet, by the most talented freelance copywriter out there (yes, even if I had written it myself!) – it wouldn’t be possible for every estate agent to be listed at Number 1 on Google.


Google wants you to make more of an effort; a consistent, relevant and regular one. So probably, if the only thing that changes about your estate agent’s website is the property listings, your website needs to change. That doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands on a total revamp, but you really should look at getting something like a blog, or area guides, or advice section where the content is regularly updated. And yes, I know you don’t have time for it, and that’s where copywriters come in; to help you.


If you look at the keywords Google tells you to use, it’s not too difficult to write some content around them to increase traffic to your website.  People looking for an estate agent in London, for example, are unlikely to be using keywords like elephant, or daffodil, or whiskey. They’ll probably use variants of “London estate agent”, “property in London”, etc to find what they’re looking for, so getting a copywriter to include words like “property” and “estate agent” shouldn’t be too hard given your line of business.


The key, is compelling content. You won’t necessarily always be able to say something entirely new, but a good copywriter will be able to write the text as though it were in your voice. Your daily experience is unique to you, and that’s what makes the difference. You could write it yourself; it is essentially nothing more than being able to write and setting some time aside to do so. If that works for you, you don’t need a freelance copywriter. But if you’re busy, like many people are, think about the return on investment that is possible by giving Google what it wants.


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