Give homeowners exactly what they want

 It is only care about themselves so given what I want

 I saw a comment the other day on LinkedIn that said a large corporate agent I conducted a survey among homeowners and the results were that they only care about themselves whether or not that maybe true one thing I certainly do care about is themselves so why not give them what they want

 How are local homeowners interests served by your marketing if you were to forget yourself a moment and only produce fliers blogs Facebook posts and letters that said only the interest of local homeowners what would you do also what would you not do

 Is a free valuation in a local homeowners interest or yours is a letter telling him you are the number one agent in town in their interest or yours is telling people you sold a house in the street in their interest all yours think about your what you are doing are you advertising yourself what are you providing a service most estate agents blogs flyers letters and post are ultimately self-promotional and are not of service to anyone else but themselves or if they are it is only to a small number of people

 So how can you create content that is of use to every homeowner in your area at whatever stage thereat whether they are one day or one year away from moving home? What would serve them and interned turn them into load loyal followers because of the rewards they got what they want to? You paragraph I thought a lot about this people very often Google around street or neighbourhoods what’s happening in the area local house prices things to do places to go et cetera this is of interest to everyone

They also care about the value of their home and how to maximise the sell price whenever they do come to sell some advice on the demands of local buyer is clearly in their interests

 How strong is the local rental market Howkan landlords ensure minimum void periods maximum rents and better tenants? Which part of your neighbourhood are pretty good schools and what other local catchment areas do these affect local property values

If your area feel the contemporary space and urban setting what kind of businesses and services will believe will be of use to the people living in the spaces are there local artists designers and makers interesting studios workshops or online stores where people can find beautiful things that are home

 What else can you think of in your area that people live there for a visit therefore? What do they do in their free time why are they coming to your area why do they stay

Wherever you are there will be riches in the local scene and in telling people about local property prices sales letting and trends be generous with everything think give give give and watch your audience grow

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