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Get more from your estate agent’s facebook page

Get more from your estate agent's facebook page

I’ve been learning how to become sticky, and how to make my clients all sticky too. With the internet.

One of the great things about facebook pages for estate agents is the way you can expand your page into other areas using tabs. This means instead of just having ‘the page’ with a feed of your daily goings on, you can add extra areas for people to do different things. The obvious one is a property search, and you can simply embed the search page from your website into another part of your facebook page. With a little bit of work by your – or my – web developer, it’s a great way of keeping people on YOUR facebook page while they’re tinkering around their own message inbox.

You can have up to 8 tabs and that means A LOT of possibilities for you. How about links to local listings sites? Or creating an area where people can read a bit more about what you do? A link to your blog, perhaps. (You do have a blog, don’t you? If not, head over here to read about why you should.)

Estate agents’ facebook pages do, in the main, tend to be a bit predictable, often only posts of property that is already available on their website. Not much point visiting an estate agent’s facebook page if there’s nothing new or different to see there. It’s as though estate agents are making their facebook pages pointless. Which is a shame.

Facebook can be very valuable marketing for estate agents, if you let it. If you put a bit of time in, get some advice, follow it, and generally act enthusiastically around it, your likes and engagement will go up and you’ll have a fabulous page to show off to your potential new clients (and for hardly any outlay or major effort).

Sellers and landlords do check the facebook pages of the estate agents they are considering using, so if you’ve got one, take the opportunity to look irresistible!

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