Property copywriting has an extraordinary number of facets. In fact, the list of possible things to write about is almost endless as you seek to differentiate your business from others.

You might be looking to rewrite your website to reflect the modern nature of your company; you might be looking to start or rekindle a blog; you might want to deliver some flyers to potential landlords and vendors; you might want an email newsletter to send to your contacts; you might simply want a jazzy write up for a single property.

Copywriting for estate agents is somewhat unique in that property uses a particular terminology that most people are already familiar with. Property prices and the process of buying, selling and renting are regularly on the lips of almost every adult on the planet. Even if everyone isn’t doing it, they’re all talking about it. I can’t think of another industry so intrinsic to the daily conversation of so many people.

So given that everyone’s interested, what are you going to say? That’s where I come in. Although I’m a property copywriter and marketer today, I was previously an estate agent for 25 years – that’s not very common in the copywriting world because estate agents are notoriously bad writers! – and that long career has given me an instant connection with the people I write for along with a deep, immediate and unique understanding.

I’ve met and worked with some incredibly talented estate agents and I know the work that goes in to making your company stand out. In short: I know exactly what I’m doing when it comes to estate agent marketing and I’m completely on your side.