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Estate agent marketing ideas for 2016

Estate agent marketing ideas for 2016

Christmas is almost upon us, so it’s about now you might be looking to come up with some ideas for your business for next year. Perhaps you want to improve your social media presence, increase the quality of your instructions, or raise your profile in your local property market or community. Let’s have a quick look at these property marketing ideas.


This is a good question to ask yourself. Certainly it’s entirely possible to have a profitable estate agent without having a Facebook page, Twitter feed or Instagram account. People will still find you when they go on the hunt for an estate agent and I’m sure your powers of persuasion and general all-round air of expertise will win over anyone who invites you round. However, the questions to ask are:

would increasing your social media presence introduce you to vendors and landlords for whom you may be off the radar?


do you have something interesting to say that will be of use to people?

If you feel the answer is no to both, then my advice is not to bother with social media. You’ll hate it and it’ll become a millstone around your neck. If you think the answer to one or both is – or could be – yes, then I’d say it’s worth giving it a go. You can outsource general property news items, but you need to have someone in your office making sure the local day-to-day of your business gets posted.


Smarten yourself up. That’s the best advice I can give here. If you’re not getting instructions of the quality you’d like, there must be something about your business that simply isn’t drawing those vendors in. What is it? Look at your shop front, your window display, your logo, your website, the interior of your office, your photography, your service and the way you and your team dress. Look for the inconsistency between the quality of the property you desire, and what you are projecting to the outside world. Be ruthless. You could also speak to vendors and landlords who gave their property to another agent, and find out why they did that. Ask them to be honest with absolutely no chance of you being offended. The answer is out there.


If you want to be at the front of people’s minds when they’re looking for an estate agent, you need to get to them before they start looking for one. So, what could you involve your business in that would get your name out there in your local community? Perhaps a school event? A local music venue or orchestra? A gallery? A cinema? A theatre? Or perhaps create your own online or printed guide to your area and the people who make it interesting. Whatever you do, this needs to come across as a genuine offer from you to contribute to your neighbours and neighbourhood; not as a cynical way to promote your company.

I hope you’ve found some inspiration in the above. Maybe we can work on something together? Call me if you’d like to talk about marketing ideas for your estate agency.

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