Would you like to grow, develop and improve your estate agency?

Sometimes, an outside perspective can have transformative results, taking your business further than you thought possible and in spectacular fashion. Imagine the joy in generating tens of thousands of pounds per month in extra income by increasing awareness of your company, winning more instructions and selling more property than ever before.

It’s all perfectly possible and I’d love to be at your side.

I was an estate agent for 25 years and worked in a number of sectors and neighbourhoods, from country houses and the suburbs to inner cities and loft apartments, right through to groovy new homes. There are some fundamental ways-of-working that work across the board, and some that will be specific to you. Ultimately it’s perception and presentation that wins in any market: and when backed up with finely-honed practices and a real sense of involvement for the team, it’s very hard to lose.

If you’d like an initial boost and launchpad, let’s spend a day together working on every area of your estate agency – where it started, where it is now and where you’d like to take it. We’ll look at every detail: getting more valuations; seeing better property; winning more instructions; generating loyalty; increasing your fees; upping your marketing share; making the most of applicants; agreeing more offers; maximising your viewing to sales ratios; speeding up the sales process; receiving more recommendations.

How much of a difference would all of the above make to your estate agent? I suspect quite a lot.

What happens after our one day shot-in-the-arm to set you up for a successful future? Reality, that’s what!

But I won’t desert you. For however long you want, and for as much time as you want, I’ll stay with you at every stage of your efforts to get your estate agency to where you want and to continue its growth and development. How much could your business benefit by giving one day of each month to planning, improving, finessing, expanding and, yes, dreaming?

There are always setbacks, but there are always lessons as well. Where the difference lies is whether you are led by your setbacks, or if you embrace them as a chance to learn. I’m a big fan of the latter.

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