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Are property and social media compatible?

Are property and social media compatible?

I think it’s the same story for many businesses in the property world. Either the company – estate agent, developer, mortgage broker, solicitor – thinks they have nothing of interest to say, OR they just can’t seem to find the time and routine needed to make social media work for them. So they often end up with a few personal friends liking and following them, purely out of politeness, while everything they write on their pages is effectively talking to the wind.

My advice is to get real with yourselves.

Are you, in all honesty, ever going to do it properly? Do you truly, madly, deeply want to kick it on the social media scene? Is it what you really, really, reeeeeeally want? Or are you just doing it cos you think you should? Or because someone says you should? Or because your competitor does?

Stop giving yourself a hard time. If you’re running an already successful business and are happy with it that way, that’s fine. If you think you’ve got something to say but simply can’t find the time for it, get someone who can. Could be someone you work with, or you could outsource it, to me!

Having a crap twitter and facebook page is worse than having none at all. So get rid of it, or make it great.

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