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How to add value to your estate agent blog

How to add value to your estate agent blog

Estate agents struggle with what to write about their business, but let’s you’re one who’s got past the first and initial stage of actually starting a blog. You’ve been going for a while, you’ve written about general market subjects, given tips on the best way to sell or present a property, a few landlords dos and don’ts and some advice for buyers and tenants on how to look like a decent prospect among a sea of applicants. In short, you’ve covered all the basics for all your customers, and now you’re stuck. So what’s next?


What is going to add extra value to your blog, over that of other estate agents in your neighbourhood, is your own personal market insights and experiences from your days in the office. Only you will have your experiences, just as every other estate agents will only have theirs. The thing is to find a way of communicating these into some meaningful text that will be of service to anyone reading it. This isn’t sales text and this isn’t “10 reasons to use us to sell or let your property” (although that’s certainly not a bad idea for a blog posting). What you should be looking at here are connections between unconnected properties and/or customers, or similar events happening among buyers or tenants, or local issues or happenings that are having an effect on part or all of your market.


Some examples could include a controversial or exciting building project affecting a certain part of your neighbourhood; hesitance among sellers to put their property up for sale until after an election/budget/other event; buyers offering lower figures against asking prices because of a particular news story; tenants suddenly outnumbering available rental properties because landlords decide it’s time to sell; applicants in certain price ranges either drying up or exploding beyond what’s manageable.


The key is to pick up on what your team is saying and experiencing. You’ll be hearing stuff all day long and it’s often casual chatter that produces fantastic insights into what is really going on in your local marketplace. Look for some nuggets among the daily banter, laughter and frustrations. Listen for common concerns among vendors, landlords and anyone else you may speak to. Property remains a fascinating subject for many people and you’ll probably find you’re doing yourself a disservice by thinking you have nothing to say that’s of interest. Trust me, you do.


As with all things SEO, remember to get in as much relevant text and terminology that’s particular to the subject you’re talking about, without becoming a bore and repeating yourself over and over – Google knows what you’re doing! Again, you only need 400-500 words, so one side of A4 max.


Good luck!

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