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6 quick tips on facebook for estate agents

6 quick tips on facebook for estate agents

Here we go. No messing, no garnish, no pre-amble and no nonsense. 6 quick tips to help your estate agent’s facebook page swing its pants like no other.

1) Have a fancy-looking background and cover photo. Get your background properly designed and use the space to mention some unique selling points about your company. Your cover photo should be your logo as it appears on every comment you make.

2) Like as many local facebook pages as you can. Coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, shops, bars, sports centres, schools, churches, community groups, football clubs, galleries, cinemas, theatres, museums, parks, gardens, stately homes, anything. Aim for 100.

3) Share their updates on your wall when there’s something that would be of interest to your customers (special offers, events, etc) and comment on their page. If you had a great coffee from them, leave a post. Be social, but don’t go mad. 1 or 2 per day, max.

4) Have 2 or 3 regular daily postings. Really your posts should be about attracting homeowners, but if you must post about property, make it special. Don’t post every new listing. ‘Most viewed property of the week’ is at least more interesting. You could have a monthly team  Let people know they’re coming. Every Monday could be a sneaky peek of a new instruction; every Thursday could be most viewed property of the week. Having a formula is simplest and remember to keep at it.

5) Whenever you write a blog, send out an email newsletter, appear in the press or do something interesting, post it to your facebook page. Wherever you can avoid the use of external links as Facebook demotes them, so try and use your own images. But if you need to link, that’ s better than not posting at all.

6) Ask questions and provoke debate. Engage with your audience. Find out what they think of what’s happening in the property market, or your facebook page, or the coffee place you just visited. Be friendly, open, curious, irresistible.

There! How can you fail? Well, you could post things without images, which would be a terrible thing, so don’t do that. People are MASSIVELY more likely to read posts with images, so find one for every post.

Off you go.

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